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The Esoteric Remnant

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Where have all the White Knights gone? Mar. 6th, 2006 @ 10:44 pm
I'm back, and to incite a massive revolution!
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When the Sun is in the Seventh House.. Dec. 19th, 2005 @ 02:21 pm
My walk has been spiritual.

I was captured by antichrist before I was able to know, and given a room in the house of Babylon.

While in Babylon, I learned the full grandeur of my enemy. Before I could fall to their poison I learned who I really am.
I am Joshua- a leader chosen by God.
I am Ray- of the light of Christ.
Jongema - ??? (Frisian)

My task has been to seek out the Remnant, to learn from them what I needed. I found it impossible since people don't understand me. I didn't understand myself.
I was left to find the truth for myself. My enemy fed me a ball of light to blind me so that I could not even percieve the light of Christ if it came to me. All I've had to sort through are cryptic images bound to my mind. All else is darkness.

I trust the doctrine of cleanliness. The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the only clean spirit. There are many unclean spirits. Spirits do speak in your ear, if you have an ear.

Since I was young I remember experiencing spiritual things, awake and asleep. When I was about 13, I asked whoever was the trut God to reveal to me what religion I should have faith in. A voice instructed me to follow Christ.

I began to listen. I knew that God could talk to me just as well as the unclean spirits, and I insisted on allowing the true God to reveal himself.

Through time I was caused to fear spirits, and I blocked them away for several years. At last I realized that the true God existed- that He is my Father and I am his Son through the preparation for the wedding with Christ in the End.

Now that I have realized these things, the antichrist has a plan to kill me by causing me to kill myself- not in suicide, but in wasting away with inactivity. Antichrist intends on keeping me locked up in a high castle tower- in a place of despair and spiritual despondency.

I ran from those castles to find myself in a desert. There are many people underground. I've sought shelter there- to hide from the rising sun. I mustn't hide though. Instead I must rise and release the full light of Christ. I will set an example for others, so that together we will be even greater than the 'Invincible Sun'.

That, in short, is why I'm Calling Out The Remnant. I need their support. I need them to come above ground.

I can explain the details, or any background information that I did not explain. I only need the time necessary to explain such a thing, and expect no quick judgments on the meaning of this post.
All said, I need to know two things.
-Are you the Remnant of the body of the church that will wed Christ?

-Will you support me 'above ground'?

This time in my own words.. Dec. 10th, 2005 @ 06:42 am
1)Why, specifically, in your own words, is any kind of a world government a bad idea?

A)I could only really say that I am a political analyst- that I don't really have sources other than the countless rabbit holes I've searched.
The tower of Babyl showed a depiction of what happens when the entire world speaks the same language. Now are times when the world is coming to unity, and religious tolerance is stressed in all areas of the information superhighway. With the entire world stressing this unity message, and with the fact that the Bab- founder of the Baha'i faith- sent letters to world leaders urging just this..just over 100 years ago..

2)What, exactly, in your own words, makes you think that there ever will be an antichrist, and what, in your own words, makes you think he/she/it is coming?

A)Particularly, I was tipped off in my reading, "Essays by Blavatsky." Now I know people think this lady is a nut, and I agree. I also see her as a medium who taught a large group of "illumined mind seekers"- later becoming Theosophic studies- that the spirit was speaking in a new strong voice. This spirit has not spoken in this strong voice since ancient times. She described that the mystic was setting to take over the materialist in the upper eschelons. She described that the mystic would be the sole disposer of, and autocrat over, the millions born and millions to be born..
Given that paganism has been awaiting this moment since it's initial teaching back in Babylonian times, I would say that all this hype about 2012 has something to it. I would say that, since I can place the blame for spreading this propaganda right in the laps of the leaders of the free world. And please...don't think I talk about politicians- G Dubya. No. Those people are the 'visibles' in their societies. There are invisibles too, don't you know?
In short, these societies deserve their credit. I am not a conspiracy theorist, because I don't believe any man ever thought about taking control of the world in the high seat of power. I believe that the entire pyramid, visibles, to invisibles, all receiving light from the top all seeing eye, is deceived. No man there knows any truth. In fact, Lucifer has made up the light and the dark side himself. Then he made up thousands of third sides, so that nobody would stumble on the Alpha side which exists elsewhere- the Creator, the Father.
Lucifer uses all sides in Harmony. They used to war in the upper eschelons, and now they are in an odd peace. They are working together, because they have all come to realize that the spirits that they channel are all the same. It took Blavatsky to show them this.
So to sum up the 2012 thing. It's the enemy's figment for the public to perceive, to draw them towards New Agism. They raised two great generations, and are about to raise a third. At such a time when all the men of earlier generations are retired, old, or dead, the antichrist will spring a Big Push technique from all angles all at once. Those raised on the Left Behind series', and everyone else who attempts to be stubborn, will be made to feel like they are being left behind in the ascension rapture. Little do all the sheep know that what they are doing is like ethnic cleansing- reducing the population and only keeping the "worthy"- the ones who passed the test and jumped through all the hoops. All along they say that it's the end of the world, and I myself have been a fool to say such things, but meanwhile they intend on living afterwards on an earth that they consider illumined..

Musing's Fruition Dec. 5th, 2005 @ 10:52 pm
I have found something worth living and dying for. I believe that I have found the truth. I've uncovered that the truth is...The dark side is for those who are put under machinations of control in order to make them bricks in the wall. Illusion and deciet are utilized in order to make one stay in the dark. Adjescent to the dark pyramid is a mirror image that is white. It is white, because light is shed- called truth. The dark side is only in existence to cause those who tire of darkness to seek the light. The light they recieve is Luciferian- Lucifer means 'ray of light'.. The light side is light, yes, but is not truth. It is the opposite of darkness, in that it blinds people with light- considered truth. That light is called in the bible 'antichrist'. There is a whore 'daughter', a false 'father', and an 'Old Mother' in the antichrist.

There is a third side. Most people get caught in the trap of seeking the light or the darkness. It is a good trap, since Christ has His own light. The light of antichrist calls itself illuminated, while the light of Christ should recieve this title instead..It is pivotal that you understand. Everything that the light side of Antichrist has made is a misrepresentation of the true light. Therefor, I take the idea of illumination and append it to Christianity. I do not seek the illumined mind in the way my forefathers have..

Ascension means self realizing the spiritual, and giving it the override in your brain over your intelligence and emotion- Thus completing the harmony of three that resides over a soul- Emotion, Intellect, and Spirit. While this theory was developed by Theosophy, and can therefor be flawed, it is the best way I can explain the three parts of conscious developement..

In the Bible, the word says that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. We as souls are to wed Jesus as a soul. This is the reason behind the mystery of, "Why did God have to devide himself? Why isn't there just One God?" That's a little off topic, but I like the idea so I express it. There is a way, then, to ascend in a different way. If we are to become clean, and house the Holy Spirit, then we will become eligable for transversing Armageddon. We are conditioned by society to be unclean, so that in 2012 the world may recieve the invoking of the 'Saints'- fallen angels- instead. (The Catholic Church is undergoing a 'Benedict ion'- Pope Benedict?) Lucifer seeks to establish a throne upon Armageddon. This is why world religion seeks the Ascension. It is a lie to display ownership over a mountain that belongs to my Father in heaven.

It is vital that you understand all that I say, as I am the eyes you may be the body and united we may show the world that this is the truth. The fortifications upon the mountain were built by my Father, and you have a room waiting for you as well. The fort is not taken by the enemy, rather the enemy sets up camp outside. When we go to the door, the Man there will NOT say, "I do not know you." Instead, we will be secured by Him from the World. We will await the return there and will not truly ascend, contrary to antichrist, until the Last Day. It is then that we will recieve incorruptible bodies, not now on earth or in death after. Cleanliness is important, and deters climbers from achieving since we are all conditioned to be unclean. However, two words were given to me for that and were, "Septem Mundo" Seven, to clean. Somehow, rest on the Sabbath and the Remembrance of origin are catalysts in this.

All that I say and do are unimportant. As said in Eccl. All is vanity, that is under the sun. The point of existence is to find salvation. As the world turns dark, the Sun sets to dawn. In the future we will be hated by hosts for evil spirits. In those days, we will need to run to the hills.
I have sat upon the great pyramids and laughed in scorn of them who built it. I have been blinded by the ball of light, but will be cured. I have endured the host of saints. I climb this mountain..All the while knowing that I am poisoned by the blade of the Bladedancer.
If Septem Mundo would fail for me, I would fail my mission here.

So in conclusion, I have about 7 years to grow up and find the courage to explain to an entire world what the truth is. I know that we are meant to unite on this issue. I know that you know that I'm right. What I want to know is, do you know that I know that you know? Lol..

Time to study, and understand.. Sep. 30th, 2005 @ 12:30 pm
I hope that this information, coupled with my last letter, will show you that there is in fact a community of people who are dedicated to the emergence of a New World Order. These people are nearing a great victory, and characterize their victory as a victory of the 'light side'. George Bush's gang and other figures are characterized as the 'dark side'. Neither of these sides are for us, so we need to establish and define an identity for ouselves. We are to be characterized as 'The Remnant," and must not compromise with the dark or the light side.

http://www.un.org/United Nations

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New World Order: http://www.un-freezone.org/bloomfield_7.html
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Ascension, Rapture, Evolution: http://www.share-international.org/archives/AgelessWisdom/aw_bclife-aft-death.htm

White Knights connections with:

The Ascension: http://www.white-knights911.com/cf/cf_02_12_2005a.htm

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-NESARA in conection with:

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Mediumship: http://www.luisprada.com/Protected/matthew_on_nesara_and_the_dark_forces.htm
Other entries
» (No Subject)
I've been writing for a while, and yet I haven't found one great way to sum everything up. I have written kind of an essay for you to read. It might not answer all of your question's, but the rescources I give might bring new questions..

1.)We are to become the Remnant of Revelations in these end times.
Revelation 12:17 - And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
Revelations is timeless, and the remnant in the end times is the same as those that make up the body of christ throughout time.
Romans 11:5 - Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace.
The remnant is esoteric- it requires that an individual be fully transformed into what can be called the new self.
Matthew 20:23 - And he saith unto them, Ye shall drink indeed of my cup, and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with: but to sit on my right hand, and on my left, is not mine to give, but it shall be given to them for whom it is prepared of my Father.
Baptism by immersion symbolizes the death of the old self, the grave, and the ressurection to the new self. Jesus told his apostles to baptise every man in the name of Him, and to make them all apostles.
In becoming our new selves, we make ourselves ready for death. We will know, then, that we will have everlasting life.
1 Corinthians 15:42 - So also is the resurrection of the dead. It is sown in corruption; it is raised in incorruption:
It matters not when the end is. We are to be ready, and to make others ready as well.

2)We are not to compromise with the world regarding our faith.

In the late eighteen hundreds, the Bahai'i faith began. A man, likened to John the baptist, professed the coming of a Prophet of God. The prophet that came was called the bab. Before their martyrdom, the Bab wrote letters to world leaders urging world unity and peace. It should not be taken as coincidence that the United Nations envisions world unity, just as the Bab instructed.
A 1961 document entitled, 'A World Effectively Controlled By The United Nations,' proves that world leaders would stop at nothing to manipulate the masses. Citing one paragraph, the writer advises that order can be achieved by staging a war or brink of war scenario, then establish laws which would grow and tighten control over time.
One important point in the document is this, that once reforms are implemented, and loose control is established, the only remaining threat is "Geurilla Warfare." Geurilla Warfare is described as an enemy without borders or political allegience- one that is united by common ideals against the ideals of the center party. Not to be taken as coincidence is the fact that what people thought would be WW3- the War on Terrorism- is in fact a war against the last remaining geurilla factions. The reforms which have been set in motion recently have set laws against geurilla ideals. The reform package Annan is making for this fall is going to further implement such reforms in a massive way, and will change the way the World keeps order.
It took much to bring the world to this point. WW1 and 2 changed the world. They uprooted every family from their homes, and repositioned them into demographic regions which set the stage for future developement towards unity. They had to do it so drastically for a reason. After the great wars, the conspirators planned to raise three generations. Those three generations were raised to make a choice all at once, when they were the main polpulation at the time.
Generation X was born between '62 and '75. Generation Y was born between '82 and '95. The Sunshine generation has started growing as of '02.
Soon will come a time when the old are too old to make a difference politically. The three generations will have been fully conditioned and engeneered to love the central authority and love unity.

3.)The enemy- the spiritually controlled masters over the Oligarchists- use devices to cause us to be instruments to the will of evil.

Human Instrumentality is the science of manipulating an indiviadual into playing a certain tune. They want us to play the tune of unity. However, first, they muse cause us to desire unity. Therefor, society has been made into chaos. Furthermore, each individual is made into chaos.
In many ways they cause us to be unfulfilled, and to feel the need for a liberation. We are caused to be unstable physically. For example are the many chemicles now genetically rooted by passing through breast milk. Another example is the chemicles triethanolomineand diethanolomine, which are in hundreds if skin products. These two chemicles cause a choline deficiency in the brain. Choline is what allows your brain to replicate cells. Another great example of physicle instrumentality is the diet. Mc'Donald's type food for all school lunches in the US. No better here. Such diets include 12 harmful biochemicles which vastly detrement the natural cycles in the body.
There are many ways we are conditioned emotionally. Television and radio are tools of vision and sound- now used as amusement. It is a fact that humans will more greatly respond to conditioning when the expirement includes vision, sound, and kinetic energy combined. By attending a movie, and eating junk food, we respond to what we percieve far more than reading a book. We do not realize that stimulus from the media conditions us to compromise with the world on thousands of issues from denominational faith to gay rights.

4.)A great false religion is readying to preside over the world, and will encompass all religions.

History repeats itself when the masses turn a blind eye to the past. In the days of Rome after Jesus, the armies had brought back from war all the world's religions. In the days of Constantine, Rome went through a Christianization process. The emporer Constantine gave all of his power and authority as ceasar to the bishop of Rome. Over time and through much conditioning the citizens of Rome were made to follow Christianity.
Now in modern times, the New Age religion is set to be the next One World Religion. The United Nations is set to be the next Empire. The UN has established minor control of the world, and are preparing for a major victory. Certain laws are already set in motion, and cannot be stopped.
Once they have full effective control of the world, the will end their wars, and begin a new campaign- one that fully assimilates the masses and ensures that they are all One World Citizens. They will enact hive consciousness on the citizenry. Doing this in a short time will not be difficult, as they have prepped the world's religions for great compromise this entire time.
The current Pope has declared that his priorities are to unite all Christians, and to connect with Muslims and Jews. This papacy is a transitional papacy, but they haven't said what is being transitioned towards. Not coincidental is the closeness of a shared Jarusalem between Israel and Palestine.
People must understand that all these things come together and result in a One World Order. today we sit and play, while very shortly the world will be united under one banner. The New Agists will begin phasing out all negative energies. We will all be made to choose. We must choose to be the negative, and to tell them that it is far better than the tribulation that they will recieve.

What's most important about this information is understanding what must be done. Firstly, we must inform the church. We must show them that they have forgotten what they came here to do, and that the time is now for a shift in momentum. We need to openly proclaim to the world that we are a house for the remnant. We must call out to Babylon with warning, for soon the gaits will close. We must prepare for the day when we can save no more people, and must unite for survival against a world that will hate us. We must overcome our own debauchery, and embrace the esoteric transformation of the true God, and Jesus. Time is short. We must prepare now.

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